February 1, 2010

Super Grilled Chicken Salad Surprise

I call it a "Surprise" because we put something different on it every time. We just use whatever fruits, veggies and beans we have. EWE! Those pears are brown but they were SURE good! ( I just let them sit (cut) for too long).
In this particular salad:
Mustard greens (Texas green leaf)
Spring Salad mix
Shredded Montery Jack cheese
Black beans
Shredded Carrot
Frozen peas
Frozen corn
Sliced green onion
Cut up avocado
Grilled Chicken
Cut up pear
Use whatever salad dressing that tickles your fancy!

Children: We just slice everything smaller. Cut the lettuce so it is almost in "shreds".
Baby: Skip the lettuce and cut the rest up in to bits size pieces.

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