December 23, 2009

Healthy Tip

When your kids need a snack give them healthy cereal instead of crackers. We buy big bags of cereal when they are on sale and my son LOVES to eat them as treats.


Mindy said...

What kinds of cereals do you consider healthy? It seems like just about every single box of cereal has sugar as one of the top three ingredients. I'd love to know if there are some healthy cereals (other than oatmeal that we make at home) that I don't know about!!

Mindy Rawlinson

Melanie said...

I have never attempted to make cereal....other than oatmeal. However there are LOTS of healthy cereals out there. I think the best thing is that they don't use oils to keep them together like EVERY cracker does. I like to use Frosted Mini Spooners, Chex, Puffed Rice...and to eat a REALLY healthy cheep one is Raisin Bran. Not so good in the place of a cracker though. Usually for the price it is WAY cheaper to buy cereal than crackers anyway. You can get a nicer, more healthy cereal for the price of crackers.

Carrie M. said...

Alex loves to snack on crunchy kashi. It's only slightly more expensive than crackers, but you get a whole lot more and it fills him up more since it has protein.