November 5, 2009

Tasty Taco's

My 2 year old is in LOVE with Taco's. We just roll em up and help him to hold it with both hands and away he goes!
(It's a Taco people....just put whatever you want on it!)

Tomatoes (your favorite)
Shredded cheese (your favorite)
Tortilla's (wheat generally has more lard)
Spinach (cut if desired)
Kidney or Black beans
Lean ground beef or turkey
Taco Seasoning

Brown meat and season according to directions. Slice all vegetables. Warm Tortilla's and top with desired amount of veggies, cheese and beans. Top with salsa. Roll tortilla into a taco.

Children: Just put less in the taco then roll em up.

Baby: Give them the beans, olives, beef/turkey, tomato, avocados and cheese separately and cut small.

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Amanda said...

Love idea for this blog! I have found that El Lago brand makes a great whole wheat tortilla. It's not 100% WW, but it provides I think 3 grams of fiber per tortilla and uses Canola oil instead of lard.