November 5, 2009

Kabob Delish

You can use whatever veggies you want. We have used cubed sweet potatoes, different color bell peppers and more. Sometimes we even marinate the veggies.
2 Chicken Breast
about 25 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Bell Pepper
1 can Pineapple

1/4 c. Worcestershire Sauce
1 T. Soy Sauce
1 minced garlic (I use bottled)
1/2 t. Onion salt

Marinade chicken for 2-4 hours. Slice chicken into cubes. Slice green peppers. You can combine veggies and meat onto one skewer or separate them. Grill on a low temperature until veggies are soft and meat is done.

Children: Take veggies, fruit and meat off the skewer for them to eat.

Baby: Cut up soft veggies, meat and fruit.

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