January 23, 2012

Penne with Roasted Asparagus

I found this recipe on Pinterest. The link for the original recipe is here. We absolutely SALIVATE for this dinner. It smells good and it is DIVINE! I.LOVE.IT! It is so full of flavor and since asparagus went on sale for 1.77 lb this week I am having this at least twice this week. My boys don't mind...they DEVOUR it! Of course I made some changes so here is my version of this deliciousness!

Penne with Roasted Asparagus
1 lb asparagus(cut into 1 inch pieces)
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 1/2 T olive oil (divided)
1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1/2 tsp brown sugar
1 lb penne pasta
3 Tbsp butter
1/3 cup grated parmesan

Directions: Roast 1/2 Tbsp oil, asparagus, 1/4 tsp both salt and pepper at 400 for 10 minutes. Put vinegar in sauce pan and cook on medium low until about 3 Tbsp remaining. Stir in the sugar and the rest of the pepper and take off heat. Cook pasta and add remaining ingredients. stir together and serve.

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