July 6, 2010

Holy lack of posting!

Sorry I haven't posted FOREVER!!! We got a surprise a couple of months ago. I AM PREGNANT with boy #3! I cannot cook when I am pregnant. Making just about anything grosses me out....therefore, no posts. We cut up fruits and veggies and just eat them plain. It is delicious but very uneventful. Sorry, I will get back on the bandwagon soon...hopefully!


Shelley Patterson said...

OH MY HECK! That is so exciting! I had no idea. When are you due? If you already know it's a boy, you've got to be pretty far along. Wow, that is so cool. Good luck, and can't wait to meet this new little addition.

Connie said...

Congratulations! Take care and remember, this too shall pass!

animal print gal said...

Exciting news that forgive the lack of recipes! Have a great one and come back soon!