April 20, 2010

Typical Lunch

This is our typical lunch.....Every.Single.Day! We have a peanut butter & Jelly Sandwich with sugar free jelly. Side it with dairy, fruit and a veggie. WE NEED HELP! We use all different kinds of fruits such as banana's, mango's, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberry's...you get the idea. We have a hard time finding veggies that are easy. We usually go for carrots, bell peppers or cucumber. Instead of the cheese we sometimes have vanilla yogurt and dip our fruits and veggies in that. My son LOVES that!

As healthy as this is....I can't get away from it. It is the one EASY healthy thing that both me and my son will eat.

I need Ideas!!!! HELP


Shelley Patterson said...

I'm not sure if you have tried celery for lunch, but I have really enjoyed it. Aside from that, I know what you mean- it's hard to find something that the kids will eat that is healthy! Keep me posted if you do find something.

Jacquee said...

my suggestions:
(remember, I don't have a toddler yet so adjust accordingly!)

*Chicken or tuna salad. You can sneak extra fruits and veggies into chicken salad like apples, grapes and I usually add garbanzo beans for extra protein. You can change up the bread with crackers or a pita. Either buy them or make them yourself http://pimpmydinner.blogspot.com/2009/11/fabulous-pitas.html

*Hummus is a fabulous veggie dip and spread and better for you than ranch dressing.

*Fresh sugar snap peas or small broccoli. (how about broccoli salad?)

*If Kale likes hot lunches, you can do a grilled cheese with real cheese or bake little "appetizers" with triscuit crackers.

*You can turn it into craft/activity time. http://littlenummies.net/

*As for the PB&J, It's a perfectly healthy option with a natural PB and swap out the sugar-free jelly for either honey or an all-fruit jam. Good old PB&J. It never fails me.

sorry for the suggestion overload :-)

Jen said...

Um, I wish I could help BUT I struggle just getting my child to EAT!

Suzy said...

If you check out the Family Fun website you can find some creative and healthy ways to make your kiddies lunch and snacks. For example caterpillars made out of bananas apples and raisin etc. Enjoy!