April 16, 2012

Oatmeal at it's Finest.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday...and Saturday and Sunday usually we have oatmeal. We are constantly changing it up. We just use quick oats, and make them normal on the stove. We do not add any honey or sugar, just a sprinkle of salt. If you add enough fruit it sweetens it up quite a bit. The ones on the picture would be great for Valentines day. Here are some idea's:

My boys favorite:
Put frozen or fresh raspberries in the water before adding the quick oats.
Slice up a banana in the oats just after adding them.
Add dried apples and raisins while the water is preparing to boil.

We also do:
Slice frozen strawberries and add them to water just before the oats.
Sliced frozen Blackberries in the water as it prepares to boil.
Fresh or frozen blueberries.

If you ask my boys what their favorite breakfast is they ALWAYS say quick oats.

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