September 24, 2010

The GREAT Invention of Puree'd Beans

Since my confession about not eating healthy while I am pregnant, I have decided to be as healthy as POSSIBLE! While I do eat simple fruits and veggies I CRAVE...not so healthy things.

My mom introduced me to pureed white beans.

I have substituted them for Crisco, butter and oil and EVERY time it has worked out A.MAZINGLY!!! We have LOVED everything we have made. Our cookies called for 1 cup of Crisco (vomit) and we substituted it for 1 cup of pureed Navy Beans. Our muffins called for 6 T of butter, again, all 6 for beans and they were also FABULOUS!

I have this problem though...if I make a treat I eat ALL of them. I had to make some cupcakes so I OBVIOUSLY substituted the 1/3 cup of oil for 1/3 cup of pureed beans and NOBODY could tell. I only needed a few though so I made mini ones to keep and FREEZE. That way I would only eat them when when I wanted one, rather than ever time I see one! here you have it, not healthy but MORE healthy.


Connie said...

I posted about this last year! I love to substitute beans for the fat. Your cupcakes look delicious!

Hope you're still doing well with your pregnancy.

Jamie said...

Okay, we will definitely be trying this one! Question: do you puree up a big batch of beans to have on hand, or make up a little before each time you bake? I would love to hear how you do this!

Melanie said...

Jamie, I get a big bag of navy beans and make them up. Then I puree them and store them in 1 cup zip lock disposable Tupperware in the freezer. Sometimes I don't puree all the beans and freeze them in the same containers for other things that I want whole beans. You can use any kind of beans really. If you are making brownies you can use black beans. Usually you want it to be along the same color of what you are making if you don't want the food to look different.